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Boss Katana Mini Review

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Boss Katana Mini is part of the popular Katana series of amplifiers, which are known for their high-quality sound and versatile tone-shaping options.

The Mini version maintains the same level of sound quality as its bigger siblings but in a more compact and portable form factor.

In this review, I will talk about amp features, sound quality, and amp models and effects Boss Katana Mini offers.


boss katana mini design

The construction and design of Boss Katana Mini are very simple and similar to other amps in the Katana series.

The front is minimalistic with just the Boss logo and on the back side, it has a battery cavity and outputs for AUX and headphones.

All the controls are on the top of the amp with a simple layout where you have amp options, an equalizer, and an effects section.

There’s nothing special or complicated in the design and I love how simple it is.

Amps & Effects

Boss katana mini controls

Boss Katana Mini offers three different amp voicings – clean, crunch, and brown which is the heaviest.

The Clean amp voicing is perfect for those who want a pristine and uncolored sound. This mode is great for strumming chords or playing melodic leads, and it has a warm and full-bodied tone.

The Crunch amp model is ideal for those who want a bit more grit and edge to their sound. This model has a slightly overdriven tone, which adds a bit of crunch and bites to your playing.

And the Brown amp model is a high-gain sound with plenty of sustain. Great for metal riffs and I love to use it for lead tones. I always loved heavy tones in the Katana series and Katana Mini has very good hi-gain tones.

Because it’s a portable guitar amp, it doesn’t offer a huge effects collection. And that’s one thing I don’t like about this amp.

I know that it’s a small amp for practice or fun but they could add a couple of effects like reverb.

You can control delay time and effect level and for amp voicings, you can tweak gain and volume.

It’s a simple amp that has a very compact size, works on batteries, and is a great amp for travelers.

How Does Boss Katana Mini Sound?

A very important thing in guitar amps is the sound and I love how Boss Katana 50 sounds. But let’s see how Katana Mini sounds.

Although it is a small amp with a small speaker, it sounds full and rich and I’m amazed by it. Boss Katana Mini has a rich and warm tone, with plenty of clarity and definition.

Whether you are playing clean, distorted, or somewhere in between, the amp delivers a powerful and musical sound that will inspire you to play your best.

Perhaps the reason is that it uses an analog circuit but all I know is that it’s awesome.

The clean tone is very warm, and full, and produces rich tones. Works great with strumming or clean lead playing and is very clear.

Crunch tone also sounds amazing and is a great response. If you crank up the gain it still retains the definition which is not always the case.

It’s a classic rock tone and is great for bluesy or classic rock-type songs and great for crunchy lead tones.

Now, the brown amp is for metal tones and it just sounds amazing. It has a huge power even if you have a gain on a low level.

The definition and clarity are there with amazing power and punch. And if you add a delay effect it becomes a great metal lead tone.

The delay effect is also great and sounds very natural and organic and works perfectly with all three amp voicings.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with the sound of the Boss Katana Mini amp and it’s one of the best amps in this category.


There are no special features in Boss Katana Mini and I’m not a big fan of this. It should have at least a Bluetooth feature.

First of all, it’s a 7-watt amp with a 4″ speaker but sounds more powerful. And it’s a great-sounding guitar speaker.

Then it has a gain and volume control for every amp voicings, standard EQ with bass, mid, and treble, and time and level controls for delay effect.

And that’s it. Very simple yet great sounding, versatile and powerful practice amplifier.

It can be powered by an AC adapter but you can use six AA batteries and the amp will operate for up to 7 hours.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Boss Katana Mini is a versatile and compact amplifier that offers good tonal options. Its small size and lightweight design make it an ideal option for players on the go. It lacks some features and effect options but it’s a $100 guitar amp and works great as a practice amp.