fender mustang gtx50

Fender Mustang GTX50 Review

Fender is a legendary brand in the music industry and their amplifiers are renowned for their iconic sound and quality. Their Mustang amps series are one of the most sold modeling amps…

line 6 spider v30

Line 6 Spider V 30 Review

Line 6 Spider V is the last iteration of the Spider amp series and it didn’t receive good reviews when it came. In the past, the Spider series was one of the…

Vox VT40x combo

Vox VT40X Review

Vox VT40X is a modeling guitar amp that offers a range of virtual amplifiers, effects, and features in a compact, portable package. This particular amp is a part of the Valvetronix series…

Boss Katana Mini

Boss Katana Mini Review

Boss Katana Mini is part of the popular Katana series of amplifiers, which are known for their high-quality sound and versatile tone-shaping options. The Mini version maintains the same level of sound…

Fender Mustang LT25

Fender Mustang LT25 Review

The Fender Mustang series is one of the best-selling modeling amps and they are very popular among beginner guitar players. Mustang LT is a new model in the series and it contains…

Axe FX 3

Axe FX 3 Review

Fractal Audio Axe FX is a well know and beloved guitar preamp processor. It’s a fully-featured rack mount gear with amazing features. Axe FX 3 is a newer addition that is more…

Blackstar Fly 3

Blackstar Fly 3 Review

Blackstar Fly 3 is a very popular guitar amplifier. It’s a small amplifier with a Bluetooth connection and other good features. Although it’s a popular amplifier from a well-respected brand, I assume…

Yamaha THR30

Yamaha THR30 Review

Yamaha is known for quality music gear like guitars, amps, keyboards, and more. And Yamaha THR30 guitar amplifier is one of their most popular products. It’s a small guitar practice amp that…

Marshall Code50

Marshall CODE 50 Review

Marshall is the most well-known guitar amp manufacturer in the world. And they introduced the CODE modeling amp series couple of years ago. The CODE series consists of two models – a…

Boss Katana 110 Bass Review

Boss Katana Bass 110 Review

The Katana series from Boss is one of the most popular modeling guitar amplifiers. The series have different wattage amps with great sound and features. Recently they released new amplifiers – Boss…