5 Best Cheap Guitar Amps

There are plenty of great options available for cheap guitar amps if you are searching for one.

Affordable amps for guitars are great if you want to have an amp to use for practice or give it to beginner guitar players as a gift.

Cheap amps are great because you don’t have to worry if they break and also, most cheap amps are small so you can take them with you wherever you go.

But remember that cheap doesn’t mean bad. The important thing is to choose a good one whether it’s from a famous brand or some unknown brand.

What’s The Best Cheap Guitar Amp?

So, here are some of the cheapest guitar amps you can find in a guitar shop or online. Like affordable bass amps, these guitar amps have decent sound and a couple of additional features.

1. Roland CUBE-10GX

10 watts
8″ speaker
COSM Amp Modeling
Reverb & Delay
Roland CUBE-10GX

Roland CUBE-10GX is a compact and versatile amp that offers a wide range of sounds. With three different amp types and reverb and delay, you can easily create your unique sound. Despite its small size, the CUBE-10GX packs a punch and is perfect for practice and rehearsals. The CUBE-10GX is also lightweight and portable making it easy to take with you on the go.

With this cheap guitar amp, you get clean, crunch, and lead amp types that sound awesome and you can add effects such as delay, reverb, and chorus. Also, it has a full 3-band EQ and you can dial various types of guitar tones. The options, sound quality, and price make it one of the best cheap guitar amps.

2. Behringer HA-20R-UL

20 watts
8″ speaker
Spring reverb
2 channels
Behringer HA-20R-UL

Behringer HA-20R-UL is one of the cheapest guitar amps you can find in this price range and it offers very good sound quality. Like many other Behringer products, this is an affordable and reliable music gear to use at home. This won’t work as a recording or live amp but for practice it is perfect.

With this Behringer guitar amp, you get an 8″ speaker and 20 watts of power which is enough to practice at your home. Apart from headphones output, you get a spring reverb which is always a great option and it’s a two-channel guitar combo with good clean and decent dirty tones.

3. Rockville G-AMP 30

30 watts
8″ speaker
2 channels
Rockville G-AMP 30

You may have never heard of Rockville G-AMP 30 and that’s why I create lists like this. I want to recommend the best music equipment I know. It’s a cool and compact cheap amp for guitar with 30 watts of power and an 8″ speaker with a good sound. This is a two-channel amplifier with a full EQ section, mic input, and Bluetooth connection.

It uses a switch to choose between channels and you can connect a footswitch too. And another great feature of G-AMP 30 is that it has a built-in delay and you can control time and repeat. It’s one of the cheapest amps I can recommend that has a good sound quality and is perfect as a gift for beginner guitar players.

4. RockJam RJ20WAR2

20 watts
8″ speaker
Boost switch
RockJam cheap guitar amp

I can say that RockJam RJ20WAR2 is a hidden treasure when it comes to cheap guitar amps because not many guitarists know about it although it’s a very good amplifier. It’s a 20-watt guitar combo with good sound quality and a very affordable price tag. And a great thing is that it can work with drums too so if you have an electronic drum, you can RockJam for that too.

The control panel and option are very simple with gain, volume, and a three-band EQ. It doesn’t has built-in effects but it has a boost switch that works like an overdrive. All of this plus an 8″ speaker makes this combo a great gift for a beginner guitar or drum player and is the perfect gear to practice at home.

5. LyxPro AGL-20

20 watts
8″ speaker
Drive switch
LyxPro AGL-20

LyxPro AGL-20 is another awesome affordable combo for guitars with very simple features. This is a stripped-down guitar amplifier with a very cheap price tag and is a perfect practicing amp for kids. 20 watts of power, an 8″ speaker, headphone output, and a drive switch are what you get but it does its job perfectly.

You can control the overall volume of this cheap guitar amp and also it has a gain knob, so you can create some overdrive tones but nothing special of course. Additionally, you can control bass and treble to shape the sound. I don’t like that it doesn’t have a mid knob but it’s a cheap beginner combo so that’s not a big deal.


All of these cheapest guitar amps are great for practice and would be a great Christmas gift for your kids if they are interested in guitar. They come with enough power to practice and offer a couple of essential effects to have fun. So, if you want to have a small and affordable amp for your guitar, you can try one of these.