5 Best Cheap Bass Amps

There are times when you might need a cheap bass amp to practice or to take it with you on your trip.

Also, an affordable bass amp could be a good gift to your children or to your friend who is starting to learn bass.

So, if you are searching for the cheapest bass amps, then you came to the right place.

What’s The Best Cheap Bass Amp?

Here are my top choices of affordable and cheap amps for bass guitar with good sound and a couple of interesting features.

1. Ashdown Studio JR

15 watts
8″ speaker
Headphones output
Ashdown Studio JR

Ashdown Studio JR is a superb affordable bass amp for beginners or professional bass players who wants a reliable practice amp. It is a 15-watt amp with an 8″ speaker and full EQ section which allows you to fine-tune your sound to your liking.

The sound of Studio JR by Ashdown is great even though it’s a small and cheap bass combo. It has good dynamics, clean sound, and is great for practice, and works perfectly as a traveling amp.

2. Donner DBA-1

15 watts
6.5″ speaker
Headphones output
Donner bass combo

Donner DBA-1 is another cheap option for bass players in search of small and affordable bass combos. Like the previous combo, it has a full EQ, headphones out, and line in but features a 6.5″ speaker. It could be a great Christmas gift for your kid.

DBA-1 bass combo amplifier has a very good clean sound and is great for bedroom practice. Build quality is good and overall it would be a good choice. The only thing I don’t like is the speaker size however the price is good, so I shouldn’t complain.

3. Davison DA-15

15 watts
6.5″ speaker
Headphones output
Davison bass amp

Davison DA-15 is small and perhaps the best cheapest bass amp with simple features and compact size. another great option for those on a budget. It’s so small you can put it in your backpack which makes it a great amp for traveling.

The amp has only three knobs – volume, treble, and bass but it does its job. Additionally, you can plug in your headphones and play silently. Soundwise this amp is nothing special but it’s very affordable so I think it’s a great deal.

4. Vangoa VPB-15

15 watts
6.5″ speaker
Presence knob
Vangoa cheap bass amp

Vangoa VPB-15 is one of the best cheap bass amps I have ever played with all the features you need in small and affordable bass amps. The sound is good, it’s small, and is a great bass practice amp or can be a great gift for any bass player.

Like other bass amps in this category, it features a full 3-band EQ with an extra presence knob which means more tone options. The sound is really good but I also like how responsive the control knobs are. Also, you can plug in your phone and use it as a speaker to listen to music.

5. Monoprice 611920

20 watts
8″ speaker
Gain knob
Compressor switch
Monoprice amplifier

Monoprice 611920 is a great bass amp under $100 and it’s the most powerful amp on this list. This is a 20-watt combo with an 8″ speaker that gives a fuller bass tone. But most importantly, it has some features you won’t find in this type of bass guitar amp.

Like other amps, it features 3-band EQ and essential I/O but additionally, it has a gain knob for creating overdrive tones and a built-in compressor. You can really dig in and create cool bass tones and make your practice more interesting. Also, I love the overall sound quality.


You have many options when it comes to the cheapest bass amps. All the five amps I’ve discussed here are great options if you are on a budget or searching for an affordable bass amp for yourself or as a gift. These bass combos sound good, have cool features, and what I like the most is the compact size.