7 Best Portable Guitar Amps

As technology evolves everything gets smaller and smaller. That concerns guitar amps too. So, today we have portable guitar amps which are great to carry around.

These small amplifiers are very convenient when traveling or going camping. Offer small wattage and most of them include built-in effects.

You can practice with them, and capture and record riff ideas. Or you can just have fun wherever you go. Having a mini portable guitar amp is almost a must-have.

What’s The Best Portable Guitar Amp?

If you want to get a portable electric guitar amp for practice or another purpose, read this list of the best portable guitar amps and I’m sure you will find the right one for you.

1. Blackstar FLY 3

3 watts
3″ speaker
Tape delay
Blackstar FLY 3

Blackstar FLY 3 is a great amplifier in the portable category. It’s a 3-watt amp with two channels and interesting features. You can use it as a music-listening speaker, or connect your MP3 device, which has a built-in delay effect and emulated line out for recording.

Soundwise FLY 3 is my favorite portable amplifier. Clean tones are very rich and deep, the overdrive channel sounds natural, and the digital tape delay is just superb. Also, Blackstar’s ISF EQ options allow you to change the tone of the amp. It’s great for practice and recording demos.

2. Roland Micro Cube

10 watts
8″ speaker
Roland Micro Cube

Roland Micro Cube is a very popular amplifier. Has a 3″ speaker and 2W of power. Roland battery-powered amp is amazing-sounding and offers great features. It has built-in effects, and a tuner, and works with acoustic guitars too. Also, it can be used as a mic amp.

As I said you can plug an acoustic guitar into Roland Micro Cube. Additionally, it emulates various amplifier tones like clean and dirty. But the most amazing feature is the effects. It offers almost every guitar effect such as chorus, delay, flanger, reverb, phaser, and more.

3. NUX Mighty Lite BT

3 watts
3″ speaker
Reverb & Delay
NUX Mighty Lite BT

NUX Mighty Lite BT is an all-in-one portable guitar amplifier. Although NUX is not a well-known brand, its products are very high-quality. Offers three channels, reverb, delay, and Bluetooth connection. It also comes with a cool mobile app to control your guitar tones.

NUX portable amp outputs 3W of power, channels include clean, overdrive, and distortion. It’s powered with six AA batteries or a 9V power adapter. One of the unique features is the drum patterns and metronome. It makes NUX a great practice amplifier. It’s a very easy-to-use and modern guitar amp.

4. Joyo MA 10E

10 watts
5″ speaker
2 channels
Joyo MA 10E

Joyo MA 10E is a great small portable guitar amp. I love Joyo guitar amplifiers for their simplicity and sound quality. And this amp is no exception. The sound is superb, it’s simple t use, and also offers a couple of cool features. If you want to practice anywhere you want, then this amplifier would be a great choice.

MA 10E is a two-channel amp and has only three knobs – gain, volume, and tone. Has a headphone out and AUX-in. It has 10W of power, a 5″ speaker, and can be powered by AA batteries. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include effects but it sounds awesome. This is a great choice if you are searching for simple mini portable amps.

5. Pyle Mini Amp

10 watts
5″ speaker
2 channels
Pyle Mini Amp

Pyle Mini Amp is a 10W guitar amplifier with good sound and features. The name Pyle may not tell you a lot but they have some cool products. Offers clean and distorted channel, bass, treble, gain, and volume knobs. Also, you can use headphones with it.

10W power and a 5″ speaker is a good options to have in the small portable amplifier. Although it doesn’t;t include effects or other cool features, the sound is good. And also, its cost is very affordable. This is a great simple and cheap small amplifier for practice or for playing your favorite riffs and guitar solos.

6. Vox Mini GO

10 watts
6.5″ speaker
Vox Mini GO

Vox Mini GO is a 10-watt portable amplifier with awesome features and superb sound. Vox battery-powered amp is perhaps the most feature-rich combo in this category. Also, it has the biggest, 6.5″ speaker which gives you a fuller sound.

This mini portable amp from Vox offers eleven different amp models, eight effects, and a tuner. But the best features are looper with up to 45-second recording time. Additionally includes over thirty rhythm sections with tempo and pattern variations. With all these features and Vox quality sound you will have a great experience. Vox Mini GO 10 is a great small recording amp too.

7. Amazon Basics Amp

5 watts
3″ speaker
Overdrive switch
Amazon Basics Amp

Lastly, I offer you Amazon Basics Amp which is a very decent and affordable electric guitar amplifier. If you want a cheap and simple amplifier for practice or having fun, then this is a perfect choice. Offers 5 watts of power and a 3-inch speaker which is enough for a portable amplifier.

Amazon guitar amp offers quite a good option. It has clean and distortion channels, built-in delay, and simple EQ control. Also, you have the option for headphones and auxiliary input. The sound is not the best but this amp by Amazon can work with acoustic guitars. It’s a great feature to have.


A portable guitar amp gives you a lot of options. You can practice with it, record demos, they are great for traveling, and more. Although, they are small, in size, offers some cool feature and very good sound. All the amps listed here are tested and they are affordable and high-quality. You can choose a very simple or fully-featured amp. It depends on your needs.