6 Best Modeling Amps For Gigs

When you play gigs you want to have a reliable amp that sounds great and has many tone options.

Although tube amps are great they are not always necessary. If you play in small venues, a modeling amp would be a great option.

I have used digital guitar amps in many live shows and they work great because I have everything in one box and it’s very convenient.

What’s The Best Modeling Amp For Gigs?

To make the choice easier for you I have created a list of great modeling guitar amplifiers and I explain why they are good.

1. Peavey VYPYR X3

100 watts
36 amp models
26 effects
12″ speaker
Peavey VYPYR X3

Peavey VYPYR X3 offers amazing features and sound quality. It produces 100 watts of power and is equipped with a 12” speaker. This combo amplifier has everything you need to play your favorite songs live.

VYPYR X3 is incredibly user-friendly and an excellent choice for live performances. It features a convenient LED screen for signal customization and with twenty-six guitar amps and over ten effects and stompboxes, it offers a wide range of options. Additionally, it is compatible with both bass and acoustic guitars, making it a versatile all-in-one solution in a compact package.

Soundwise this is a great amp. It has organic sound and effects sound very natural and rich. Power, features, and sound quality make this combo one of the best amps for live performances.

2. Boss Katana 100

100 watts
5 amp voicings
60 effects
12″ speaker
Boss Katana 100

Boss Katana 100 is my favorite amp when it comes to playing clubs or any small venue. The sound is superb and the features are just jaw-dropping. You can create your presets and control everything with a footswitch. It’s like you have a full rig in one small box.

It has 100 watts of power and is loaded with a 12” speaker. It gives you the sound you need for the live show. The tone options you have are amazing – you can choose from five amps, add sixty effects, and save eight custom presets. It’s a great guitar amp for a small gig or rehearsal.

The sound of Boss Katana 100 is just mind-blowing. It might be the best modeling amp to date. Amp voicings are very natural, especially heavy tones because they sound very organic. And effects like in many other digital amps have very rich sound and depth. I can’t say any negative things about this amplifier.

3. Line 6 Catalyst 100

100 watts
6 amp voicings
18 effects
12″ speaker
Line 6 Catalyst 100

Line 6 Catalyst 100 is a powerful modeling amplifier that is perfect for gigs. This is a 100-watt combo with a custom 12” speaker, sounds great and offers features that are great not only for live shows but for recording too.

It’s a two-channel amp and you can switch between channels with a footswitch. Catalyst 100 offers six different amp sounds from clean to heavy, and comes with built-in effects and dedicated sections for boost and reverb. You can control the output power, has an FX loop, and you can connect it to your computer via USB.

When it comes to sound, Line 6 Catalyst 100 gives you very good tones and it’s much better than Spider amp series. Overall sound is organic and one of the reasons is the Line 6 HC100 speaker that produces great clean and dirty tones. It’s a powerful amp for live shows and rehearsals.

4. Blackstar ID Core 100

100 watts
6 amp voicings
6 effects
2×10″ speakers
Blackstar ID Core 100

Blackstar ID Core 100 is a very interesting and unique amp. It offers some distinctive features that other amps don’t have. This 100-watt combo modeling amp is powerful enough for live performances and rehearsals.

This package is filled with characteristics. You have the option to select various amplifiers, which include integrated effects, multiple channels, an FX loop, and additional features. However, the standout feature of the Blackstar ID Core 100 is its stereo amplifier. With 2×10″ speakers, it is an excellent choice for a high-quality live amplifier.

If you have played on any Blackstar amp then you know that they offer great sounds. And ID Core 100 is no exception. It has really rich clean and crunchy tones and is capable of producing very good hi-gain tones. Modulation effects, delays, and reverbs also sound realistic and organic.

5. Fender Mustang GTX 100

100 watts
40 amp models
Effects and presets
12″ speaker
Fender GTX 100

Fender Mustang GTX 100 is an upgrade from the previous iteration and offers better sound and features. Powered with a 12” Celestion speaker it’s a great combo for gigs, rehearsals, or recordings.

One of the best things about the Mustang GTX 100 is that it’s easy to use. It has standard control knobs, an LED screen, and a couple of buttons. You can choose different amps and effects with a dedicated knob and see everything on the LED screen. And you have tons of effects and amps you can choose from.

I love the sound and it’s much better than previous models, which I owned. It’s more organic and less digital. Clean and crunchy tones sound gorgeous and have depth, heavy tones are decent but workable. And the effects are just amazing.

6. Vox VT100X

100 watts
11 amp models
13 effects
12″ speaker
Vox VT100X

Vox VT100X is a member of the Valvetronix series and has some unique features. It’s a 100-watt combo amp with a single 12” speaker. This is a great amp for live performances and also for recording. I recommend it to players who love Vox sound and mainly use clean and crunchy sounds.

The amp is packed with fantastic features including various amp and effect choices. You can enjoy four channels, select between Class A or A/B amps, and more. However, the most intriguing aspect is its preamp tube, which enhances the sound to be more authentic and genuine. Despite being a modeling combo amp, it doesn’t have a digital sound.

Thanks to the preamp tube and VOX technology, the VT100X produces amazing tones that are great for live performances. You have everything you need in one box from amp sounds to effects. And amp models sound very similar to the originals.


Having a reliable and great-sounding amp when playing gigs is critical for every musician and modeling amps are a great option for that. They offer great sound, built-in effects, and tone options, and are very reliable. You can have one combo to create an unlimited number of tones and play any music style you want.