7 Best Mini Bass Amps

Having a small bass guitar amplifier is a very good thing. It can be used in many different applications.

You can practice your bass riffs, take them with you anywhere you go, have fun, or use it for recording.

Mini bass combos offer great features and sound in a tiny package. And I’m here to recommend the best ones.

What’s The Best Mini Bass Amp?

If you have a small guitar amp and thinking about buying a small amp for a bass guitar, here is the best mini bass amps list.

1. Vox Pathfinder Bass 10

10 watts
2×5″ speakers
Bright switch
Vox Pathfinder Bass 10

Vox Pathfinder Bass 10 is my favorite small solid-state bass amp. Although it doesn’t offer modeling amp capabilities, the sound is superb. Has a very minimalistic design and few controls. In spite of that, it’s a very versatile bass combo in a small box.

If you love Vox amp sound then you will love this Vox bass amp too. Just plug in your bass guitar, dial in your tone, and jam. You can practice bass lines, record some bass demos, or just have fun. You can connect headphones to play in silence.

2. Laney Mini Bass NX

9 watts
2×3″ speakers
Tone Bridge app
Laney Mini Bass NX

Laney Mini Bass NX offers a really good sound and features in a tiny box. Laney is known for tube amps and guitarists like Tony Iommi uses Laney amps but they also make small amplifiers. And Mini Bass NX is one of the best among them.

Laney Nexus offers amazing, rich, and diverse bass tones. Although it has few controls it manages to offer cool features. For example, a Tilt knob controls the amount of mid and high frequencies. With the LSI feature, you can connect your favorite bass tone apps and create amazing sounds. It’s a great small digital amp for practice and warming up.

3. Joyo MA 10B

10 watts
5″ speaker
2 channels
Joyo MA 10B

Joyo MA 10B portable bass amp is an interesting choice. It looks like a Bluetooth speaker but it’s an actual amplifier. It’s small and minimalistic with great and rich sound. You can create very dynamic and diverse bass tones with this Joyo amp.

This electric bass map has only three control knobs – volume, tone, and gain. A switch for overdrive channel, headphones out, and AUX-in. A tiny, great-sounding, straightforward bass amp for practice.

4. Hartke HD15

15 watts
6.5″ speaker
Hartke HD15

Hartke HD15 is a superb small combo for bass guitars. Hartke is well-known for its bass amplifiers and this small version is no exception. It’s as good as other more powerful bass amps such as the Boss Bass Katana amp. It produces 15 watts of power and is equipped with a 6.5″ speaker.

The sound quality of the HD15 bass combo is great. It’s rich, has a good low end, and it’s great for recording. Produces a warm and round bass sound which makes playing more awesome. Also, it’s a very simple amplifier with just volume and a standard EQ section.

5. Fender Rumble 15

15 watts
8″ speaker
Vintage tone
Fender Rumble 15

Fender Rumble 15 is an awesome mini bass guitar amp with simple controls but an amazing tone. This bass combo is great for those who need to have a practice amp in a compact size. Also, it produces a vintage tone but is still a modern combo.

It’s a simple bass combo amp with volume control and full EQ with low, mid, and treble knobs. Rumble 15 comes with aux in and headphones out which makes it a great practice and bedroom combo.

6. Blackstar Fly 3 Bass

3 watts
3″ speaker
2 channels
Blackstar Fly 3 Bass

Blackstar Fly 3 Bass offers interesting features in a small package. It’s an amazing small bass amp for practicing. Has everything you need to jam along with your friends or just have fun with bass riffs. It’s very similar to the Fly 3 guitar amplifier but sounds much better.

Controls are very simple. It has a volume, gain, compressor, and a single EQ knob. A switch for overdrive channel, headphone output, and line-in. Also, offers a SUB switch which adds more low end to your bass. This is a unique feature that makes this amp very special.

7. Mooer Hornet

15 watts
6.5″ speaker
Mooer Hornet

Mooer Hornet is a beautiful and retro-looking small bass amplifier. It comes in different colors which makes it very unique. The looks of this bass combo are amazing. Reminds me of the old radio. Although it’s small, offers great features.

First of all, this is not only a bass amp but works with electric and acoustic guitars. Secondly, includes built-in effects like delay, reverb, and various modulation effects. The speaker size is 6.5″ which is a great feature. It also has a built-in tuner.


Small bass amps are very handy in many situations. You can travel with it, take it to your office and play during break hours, jam with your friends, and even record your bass riffs. I think every bass player should have at least one mini-bass amp just in case. All the amps listed here offer great sound, features, and simplicity.