5 Best Gigging Bass Amps

If you’re a bass player, having a reliable and powerful amp is essential for gigging. A good bass amp can help you deliver a strong, punchy sound that cuts through the mix and gets the audience moving.

For live shows, you need not only a good sound but power too so having a high wattage is also necessary.

So, you need a powerful and good-sounding bass amp for gigging with a couple of features and this post is all about that.

What’s The Best Gigging Bass Amp?

For this post, I collected some of the best bass amps for gigging that offer great sound, and features and have enough power to be used on any stage.

1. Fender Rumble Stage 800

800 watts
2×10″ speakers
15+ amp models
40+ presets
Fender Rumble Stage 800

Fender Rumble Stage 800 is a popular choice among bass players. This amp offers 800 watts, making it suitable for small to medium-sized gigs. And because it’s a modeling bass amp, you have various amp sounds and effects. This makes Rumble Stage 800 not only a good live bass amp but also a great recording bass combo.

The amp has a standard EQ section with the master, gain, and 3-band EQ and LED screen to choose amps, and effects and tweak the sound. The interface is very easy to use and the sound is superb. Also, 800 watts is all you need for gigging.

2. Orange Crush Bass 100

100 watts
15″ speaker
Parametric mids
Effects loop
Orange Crush Bass 100

Orange Crush Bass 100 is one of the best gigging bass amps with great sound and features. It’s a solid-state bass amp that can be used for live shows, and recording, and is a great base practice amp. Also, one of my favorite features is the size of the speaker which gives you a fuller sound.

Although Crush Bass 100 is a solid-state amplifier, the sound is very tube-like and organic. Also, love the features it offers like 3-band EQ, frequency controller, and blend mode, where you can blend dirty and clean tones. Like all the Crush series, this amp has a built-in tuner which is always a great option to have.

3. Gallien-Krueger MB112

200 watts
12″ speaker
4-band EQ
Internal fan
Gallien-Krueger MB112

Gallien-Krueger MB112 is an excellent option for bass players who need a powerful, portable amp. This amp offers 200 watts, making it suitable for medium to large gigs, and has some interesting features which make it a great overall bass amp for live shows. I have used it on stage and studio and works fine in both situations.

This bass combo has 4-band EQ where you can control low and high mids separately and also has a contour knob to shape the sound even further. Next, it has a -10dB power attenuation feature, DI out with pre and post-switch, and headphones out if you like to use headphones for amplifiers.

4. Hartke KB12

500 watts
12″ speaker
Shape control
Internal fan
Hartke KB12

Hartke KB12 is perhaps the best gigging bass amp in its price range because it offers amazing sound and features. I have used it in many different situations and had no problem. Also, it has a kickback design which can be very helpful on stage and 500 watts is enough for most stages.

I love how simple yet powerful this bass combo is with its simple control. You have a standard 3-band EQ with an additional shape knob that controls frequencies between 100Hz-900Hz. Also, has a DI out and headphones output. The sound it produces is clean, punchy, and great for any type of bass guitar.

5. Ashdown OriginAL C112

300 watts
12″ speaker
5-band EQ
Effects loop
Ashdown OriginAL C112

Ashdown OriginAL C112 is a very interesting kickback bass combo to use in the studio or on stage. This is a perfect overall bass amplifier for anyone who wants to have a reliable and feature-packed amplifier that sounds awesome and has huge power. It’s my friend’s favorite live bass combo and it really sounds awesome.

As I have said, OriginAL C112 is a great amp for any gigging bass player who wants to have a great bass tone. It offers a 5-band EQ with an FX loop, DI out, shape switch, and passive/active input. The sound is punchy and powerful, the combo is very lightweight which is great for live shows and also I love kickback design.


All the bass amps listed here are great for use on stage and in the studio too. No matter which one you choose, you will have a great sound and features to dial in the tone you like. These are the best bass amps for gigging, recording, and rehearsal.