5 Best Amps For Blues

One of the keys to creating great blues music is having the right amp for blues.

Blues music is one of the most popular and iconic genres of music in the world. From its roots in the Mississippi Delta, blues has evolved into a global phenomenon that has inspired countless musicians and fans alike.

And that’s what we discuss in this post – some of the best blues amps for blues guitar players.

What’s The Best Amp For Blues?

Here are my favorite amps for blues that offer awesome tones, versatility, and overall quality.

1. Fender Blues Junior IV

15 watts
12″ speaker
Single channel
Spring reverb
Fender Blues Junior IV

Fender Blues Junior IV is a tube combo amp that is a favorite for many blues guitarists. It’s a compact and portable amp that packs a punch with its 15 watts of power and 12-inch Celestion A-Type speaker. The amp’s simple control panel makes it easier to dial in great blues guitar tones.

One of the things that set the Blues Junior IV apart from other amps in its class is its versatility. It’s a great amp for blues, but it can also handle a wide range of other genres such as jazz and country. The built-in spring reverb adds depth and dimension to your sound, and it features a “fat” switch that adds extra midrange and warmth to your tone.

2. Vox AC15C1

15 watts
12″ speaker
Vox AC15C1

Vox AC15C1 is one of the best amps for blues and rock music and it’s a well-known and loved combo around the world. It has a distinct sound that adds character to any guitar riff or solo. It’s a versatile amp that can deliver a wide range of tones, from clean and jazzy to crunchy and distorted.

AC15C1 is a tube combo with 15 watts of power, a 12″ speaker, and 12AX7 and EL84 amp tubes. It has a simple control layout with a 3-band EQ and separate controls for reverb and tremolo effects which make sit a more diverse amplifier. Additionally, you get two types of input – normal and top boost. Amp with rich guitar tones not only for blues but other genres too.

3. Supro 1612RT

15 watts
10″ speaker
Spring reverb
Supro 1612RT

Supro 1612RT Amulet is a boutique tube amp that is designed specifically for blues and rock players. It features a classic design with a 10″ Ceelstion G10 Creamback guitar speaker and 15 watts of power, which is perfect for small to medium-sized gigs. One of my favorite amps in this category with simple controls and great sound.

The 1612RT is also a great amp for blues because of its vintage-inspired tone. The amp’s tube circuitry delivers classic, vintage tones that are perfect for blues guitarists. Also, apart from reverb and tremolo, you get an attenuation option where you can switch to 5 or 1-watt modes.

4. Magnatone Varsity 12

15 watts
12″ speaker
Magnatone Varsity 12

Magnatone Varsity 12 is one of the best amps for blues and it has not only a great sound but an amazing design. When you look at it you know it’s a blues amp. Billy Gibbons is known for using Magnatone amps so you already know that it’s a blues-rock machine.

And all the tones and rich harmonics come from very minimalistic control tweaking. This blues combo features only volume, treble and bass knobs with additional reverb control. However, you get two inputs and a negative feedback switch which changes the amps’ staging circuit. I recommend this amp to any blues player.

5. Friedman JJ Junior

20 watts
2 channels
Bright switch
Friedman JJ Junior

Friedman JJ Junior is a signature amp of Jerry Cantrell which sounds awesome. You might think that Alice In Chains sound is good for blues but it is because there are blues in their music. It produces thick and juicy guitar tones which are perfect for guitar music.

JJ Junior is an amp head, it’s very diverse and you can play almost every style of music from blues to metal. It’s a compact-sized amp with 3-band EQ, bright switch, and JBE switch for more gain. Connect this amp to any guitar cabinet and start playing your favorite blues licks.


So, here is the list of my favorite and one of the best amps for blues you can try today. They offer great tones, ease of use, and diversity which makes them great amps for different types of guitar players.