7 Best Acoustic Amps

A good acoustic guitar needs a good acoustic amp to sound great. Also, acoustic amps offer more sound options and are more convenient.

Not only it will amplify your sound, but it will also help to enhance the natural tones of your instrument. And it allows you to use a microphone and try various micing techniques for recording.

There are many different amps for acoustic and it makes it difficult to choose the best acoustic amp for you. However, this post will help you to choose the right one.

What’s The Best Acoustic Amp?

In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at the best acoustic amps on the market today. All of these amps are great for different styles of playing, so regardless of your genre or preferred sound, one of these is sure to be a perfect fit for you.

1. Fishman Loudbox Artist BT 120

120 watts
Two channels
8″ speaker with tweeter
Fishman Loudbox acoustic amp

If you’re looking for an acoustic amp that gives you great sound and features, the Fishman Loudbox Artist BT 120 is a great option. This amp is great for any acoustic guitar and can be used for various styles of playing. This Fishman acoustic amp has instrument and mic inputs and is branded as a guitar/vocal amp which makes it more special.

This 120-watt acoustic combo has two channels with dedicated controls and separate effects section. You can control lows, mids, highs, gain, and effects levels for each channel. These built-in effects processor gives you access to a wide range of different sounds such as reverb, delay, chorus, and more. And if you want to take your music on the go, the built-in Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to stream audio from your phone or other devices.

Other features of Artist BT 120 include phase and pad switches, phantom power, DI out, an FX loop, an 8″ speaker, and more.

2. Fender Acoustic 100

100 watts
Two channels
8″ speaker
Fender Acoustic 100 combo

Fender Acoustic 100 is one of the best acoustic amps with a great price tag. It’s a 100-watt acoustic combo with two channels and each input can be used for a mic or guitar. The 8″ speaker delivers rich, full sound, while the 3-band EQ lets you tailor your sound to perfection. You also get Reverb and Chorus effects built in, so you can really make your music stand out.

What I like about this amp is that each channel gets its own controls for EQ, volume, and effects with an additional pad switch. And the effect list includes several reverbs, choruses, and delays. One of my favorite recording acoustic amps with a slick and minimalistic design. Also, it’s a great singer-songwriter amp for live shows because you can plug in a guitar and microphone.

Additionally, you get features such as aux in, headphone out, footswitch input, and balanced outputs. Very versatile and high-quality amp for acoustic-electric guitars.

3. Boss Acoustic Singer Live 60

60 watts
Two channels
6.5″ speaker with tweeter
Boss Acoustic Singer Live 60

Boss Acoustic Singer Live 60 is a great choice for those who are looking for an all-in-one solution. This 60-watt combo amplifier comes with two inputs – one for your guitar and one for your microphone – and provides all the options you need to get great sound, whether you’re playing at home or in front of a crowd. The amp is packed with features.

Each channel has controls for volume, EQ, anti-feedback, and effects. Also, you can switch the phantom power on and engage acoustic resonance too. Comes with a built-in looper which is great for practice or playing live as a one-man band. But that’s not all because Bos Acoustic Singer Live includes a harmony feature where you can add high, low, or unison harmonies. All these features make this combo one of the best acoustic amps.

This acoustic combo from Boss also includes features like a 6.5″ speaker, 1″ tweeter, various outputs, footswitch control, and USB connectivity.

4. Bugera AC60

60 watts
Two channels
8″ speaker
Bugera AC60 acoustic combo

Bugera AC60 is a great choice for any acoustic guitar player. It’s affordable and has a lot of features that guitar players will appreciate, such as two channels, 60 watts of power, and multiple inputs and outputs. Plus, it has built-in effects and is very compact, making it a great acoustic amp for gigs.

The combo features an 8″ speaker two channels with an instrument, line, and mic inputs, full EQ, and great effects section. It includes reverb, delay, chorus, and delay+reverb and each effect has variations. You can use it for both channels and control the effect level. The sound of the amp is great and will be a good option for musicians who play in small clubs.

AC60 also includes phantom power, various inputs, and outputs, footswitch control, clip, and color switch for sound options.

5. Roland AC-33

30 watts
Two channels
2×5″ speakers
Chorus, Reverb, Looper
Roland AC33 combo

If you’re looking for an acoustic amp that’s a little more high-end, then the Roland AC-33 might be a good option for you. It has features, including 30 watts of power, two channels, eight built-in effects, and an onboard looper. It’s a stereo combo for acoustic guitars with two 5″ speakers and it’s a battery-powered amp which makes it a great travel guitar amp.

AC-33 combo has instrument and XLR inputs which are very convenient and each channel has separate controls. Also, each channel has a dedicated chorus effect with wide and space types. You can turn on the anti-feedback option, and use reverb, and has a looper section which makes it a great practice amplifier. The best use of Roland AC-33 is live shows and practice, and the looper feature helps you to come up with song ideas.

Like many other acoustic amps in this list, AC-33 offers options such as line out, footswitch control, aux in, headphone out, etc.

6. Orange Crush Acoustic 30

30 watts
Two channels
8″ speaker
Channel blend
Orange Crush Acoustic

Orange Crush Acoustic 30 is one of the best acoustic amps and it was my first acoustic combo. I used it for recording and gigging and it worked amazing in any situation. It’s a compact-sized, two-channel amplifier with 30 watts of power, an 8″ speaker, and can work on batteries. And like all Orange amps, it looks amazing.

It’s a tilted combo with one channel for instruments and a second channel for mics. The Mic channel has a phantom power option and the instrument channel has color options for sound variations. It comes with a built-in chorus and reverb effects. What I like the most in Orange Crush acoustic combo is the blend mode where you can blend two channels and mid control where you can sweep between mid frequencies to dial in the desired acoustic guitar tone.

It’s a powerful, affordable, and comfortable combo for gigging with additional features such as balanced output, line input, and FX loop.

7. Blackstar Sonnet 120

120 watts
Two channels
8″ speaker
Blackstar Sonnet 120

Last but not least is the Blackstar Sonnet 120. This 120-watt combo amp has an 8” speaker and two tweeters which adds the quality of sound. Each channel has mic/instrument inputs and full preamp and power sections with additional options. Bluetooth connectivity makes it more usable in different situations.

Apart from the default features this acoustic combo offers a shape switch to make the sound more diverse and a phase switch to eliminate any issues. Each channel has dedicated reverbs and you can choose between hall, studio, chamber, and plate reverb types. And somewhat unique features are high pass filter and brilliance controls that allow further sound manipulation. Additionally, you can use an FX loop for both channels, footswitch, DI output, and USB connectivity.

Blackstar Sonnet 120 is a perfect acoustic amp for both recording and gigs thanks to its wide range of features and great sound quality.


There are a lot of different acoustic amps on the market, so choosing the right one can be tough. That’s why I’ve put together a list of the best acoustic amps to help you make the best decision. Whether you’re looking for an affordable option or something with all the bells and whistles, there’s an amp on this list that’s perfect for you. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start rocking.