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Ampizer is a blog dedicated to guitar and bass amps. You can find information about every type of amplifier whether it’s a solid state, modeling, or tube amp.

Amp Reviews

fender mustang gtx50

Fender Mustang GTX50 Review

Fender is a legendary brand in the music industry and their amplifiers are renowned for their iconic sound and quality. Their Mustang amps series are one of the most sold modeling amps…

line 6 spider v30

Line 6 Spider V 30 Review

Line 6 Spider V is the last iteration of the Spider amp series and it didn’t receive good reviews when it came. In the past, the Spider series was one of the…

Guitar Amps

amp for blues

5 Best Amps For Blues

One of the keys to creating great blues music is having the right amp for blues. Blues music is one of the most popular and iconic genres of music in the world….

small tube amps

5 Best Small Tube Amps

I love small tube amps because they are very convenient, sound great, and can be used for home recording. Small guitar tube amps offer great sound, flexibility, and organic sound we all…

Bass Amps

bass amps under 500

6 Best Bass Amps Under 500

Having an excellent bass amp is important when playing the bass guitar. It not only amplifies your voice but also aids in tonal shaping. However, it can be challenging to find the…

tube bass amp

5 Best Tube Bass Amps

As a bass guitar player, having the right amplifier can make a huge difference in the overall sound and performance of your music. Especially tube bass amps because they offer natural sound…

Latest Posts

guitar amp tube

How To Replace Amp Tubes

If you own a tube amp and want to replace old tubes, then this small guide is for you. Changing and replacing…

guitar headphone amp

5 Best Guitar Headphone Amps

Small guitar amps are great for home use and traveling but a headphone amp for guitars might be a better option. if…

marshall valvestate

Marshall Valvestate History

As a guitar player, I have always been fascinated by the evolution of guitar amplifiers. Over the years, there have been countless…